Year 1 & 2

If you find yourself having to spend time at home due to COVID-19 you will find some things on this page to keep you busy.


Please see below links to White Rose Maths where you will find useful lessons and videos to help your learning.

2 Digit Place Value Activity Book.pdf
Ordering 2 Digit Numbers.pdf
Ordering Numbers 1 to 20 Worksheet.pdf
One More One Less Number Worksheet.pdf
Ordering Numbers 1 to 20 Worksheet.pdf
Missing Numbers Worksheet.pdf
2, 5, 10 Multiplication and Division Challenge.pdf
Reading and Writing numbers to 100.pdf
Place Value.pdf
Sequence Snakes! Worksheets.pdf
Superhero Missing Number 1 to 20 Activity.pdf
Tens and Ones.pdf
Superhero Themed Missing Numbers 100 Square Worksheet.pdf
2 Times Table Worksheet.pdf
5 Times Tables Worksheet.pdf
10 Times Table Worksheet.pdf


_ch_ and _sh_ Sounds Matching Activity Worksheet.pdf
_sh_ Spelling List Worksheet.pdf
Book Review Writing Frame.pdf
Capital Letters for Names.pdf
Caption Card Read and Draw Worksheets.pdf
Early Level Read and Draw.pdf
First 100 High Frequency Words Handwriting Worksheets.pdf
Letter Formation Handwriting Alphabet - Upper Case and Lower Case.pdf
Pencil Control Activity Cards.pdf
Pencil Control Work Book.pdf
Spelling Came, Can, Children, Come, Could.pdf
Spelling Have, He, Help, Her, Here.pdf
Spelling Homework Grid.pdf
Spelling The, Their, Them, Then, There.pdf
Spelling They, This, Time, To, Too.pdf
Spelling Up, Very, Was, We, Went.pdf
Spelling Were, What, When, Will, With, You.pdf
Stop Telling Fibs! Differentiated Reading Comprehension.pdf
th Spelling Words Worksheets.pdf
Wake-Up Time on Bumble Farm Differentiated Reading Comprehension.pdf

Topic - our whole school topic this term is "Happiness"

All About Me - _Likes_ and _Dislikes_ Sorting Activity.pdf
All about Me Flower.pdf
All about Me Football.pdf
Cut and Stick Mood Monster.pdf
Draw a Feelings Monster.pdf
Feelings and Emotions PowerPoint.ppt
Feelings Monster Pencil Control.pdf
Feelings Monster Writing Activity.pdf
Finger Gym Prompt Card.pdf
Mood Monster Pattern Tracing.pdf
My Emotions Mood Monsters Sensory Bottle.pdf
My Feelings Monster.pdf
Feelings and Emotions PowerPoint.ppt
Think Positive Home Learning Task 1.pdf
Think Positive Home Learning Task 2.pdf