Home Learning

Welcome to our home learning pages - whilst the children are unable to attend school you will find additional support and ideas on these pages.

Foundation Phase children can refer to their home learning packs whilst Key Stage 2 children should be logging into their Google Classroom. We know how detrimental losing time in the classroom can be and so we urge you to encourage children to complete their home learning tasks.

With that being said, we also encourage you to relax. This is an unpredictable and unprecedented time, you and your child’s health and well-being (see our separate page for more ideas) remain priority for us at all times. Take time unwind together – be it sharing a book, baking for another or simply dancing and singing at the top of your voice in the living room. Remember when a child smiles they feel good, when they see you smiling they feel much better

Don't forget you can still contact school by email - crmpa@caerphilly.gov.uk if you have any queries..