Key Stage 2

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Key Stage 2 children should be logging into their Google Classroom where work will be provided daily.

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WW2 Topic Takeaway

  • Imagine you are an evacuee. Write a postcard home to your family explaining what has happened.
  • Research rationing and write a menu using those ingredients.
  • Draw and explain what 6 things you would want to take with you if you were evacuated.
  • Make a newspaper report of a bombing on your street.
  • Design a poster persuading people to join the army.
  • Create a timeline of events that occurred in World War 2.
  • Find out the cost of rationed items. How much would you spend on a week’s food?
  • Write your name using Morse code. Could you construct a message?
  • Make your own WW2 word search.
  • Research what school life was like for children who were living during WW2.
  • Research and write a short biography about a famous character from WW2 e.g. Winston Churchill.
  • How has Britain changed since 1940? Find facts e.g. salary changes, house prices, wages.
  • Research how WW2 affected your local area.
  • Find out what ‘Dig for Victory’ was.
  • Research the fashions of Wartime Britain and Britain today - what is similar or different?.
  • Create a graph comparing the size of armies from different nations.
  • Research a WW2 recipe and make it at home. Photograph the meal and write out the recipe. Write a review!
  • Write instructions or an advice leaflet for citizens to follow during an air raid.
  • Research Anne Frank and list 10 facts about her.
  • Draw and label a great airplane from WW2
  • Play a game of battleships - try online!
  • Research what the blackout was and the effect it had on people.
  • Research what the Enigma machine did and where it was?
  • Research and present information about wars happening around the world today.
  • Write in role as a soldier to his family about life in the trenches.
  • Write a diary as a child in WW2.
  • Find out where children were evacuated from and to in England. Show this on a map.
  • Find out the original meaning of the propaganda “Keep calm and carry on”.
  • Create your own model tank or gas mask.
  • Design a parachute for a soldier that would keep it safe.
  • Make an air raid shelter / Anderson shelter using materials in the house.
  • Write a script for a radio news broadcast about a key event during World War 2.
  • Draw a map of the world. Colour countries involved in WW2.
  • Read and review a war based book e.g. Friend or Foe, Goodnight Mr Tom, Carrie’s War, War Boy, An Elephant in the Garden, Kensuke’s Kingdom (all of these we have in school!)
  • Make a model 3D scene from the war.
  • Write a song to keep people's spirits up during the war. WW2 Topic Takeaway
  • Research your family tree and find out which family members were alive in WW2. Can you find out anything else about them? Did any of them serve in the army?
  • Research the main aircrafts used in the war. How were they different?
  • Research & create fact file on key events e.g. Battle of Britain, the Blitz, VE day or D-Day.
  • Design & make a WW2 outfit.
  • Research how animals were used in the war.
  • Write a war based story / poem.
  • Visit a WW2 museum and write a diary / review about your trip e.g. Imperial War Museum, Canterbury Heritage Museum, Kent Battle of Britain Museum or the Spitfire and Hurricane Memorial Museum.
  • Write a brief fact file on Adolf Hitler.
  • Write a brief fact file on Anne Frank.
  • Research the land army, create a leaflet advertising what is did.

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