Mrs C Mansell

Head Teacher


Safeguarding Officer

Mrs S Knight

Deputy Head

Safeguarding Officer

Dosbarth Porffor

Year 6

Ms T Philpotts

Dosbarth Pinc

Reception and Year 1

Mrs S Williams

Dosbarth Gwyrdd

Year 1 and 2

Mrs L Davies & Mrs L Evans

Dosbarth Coch

Year 5

Miss K Turner

Dosbarth Glas

Year 3 and 4

Classroom Assistants

Miss S Llewellyn

Dosbarth Enfys/PPA

Mrs L Rogers

Dosbarth Enfys

Mrs D Deane

Dosbarth Enfys/Pinc

Mrs A Barrowdale

Dosbarth Pinc

Mrs Z Davies

Dosbarth Pinc

Mrs R Parry

Dosbarth Pinc

Mrs T Preece

Dosbarth Gwyrdd

Mrs S Evans

Dosbarth Porffor/ KS2 ALN

Support Staff

Mrs J Francis

School Clerk

Mr G Vaughan



Lewis John

Chair of Governors

Councillor Davies

Vice Chair of Governors

Rev Peter Cho

Jan Dymond

Sue Evans

Tara Jenkins

Claire Birt

Mel Sandel


Midday Supervisors

Mrs Bowen

Mrs Francis

Mrs Howells

Mrs Davies