School History

Crumlin School was opened in August 1885 in Crown Street, Crumlin. It was situated in the village of Crumlin itself and replaced a school where the present St. Mary's Church stands.


The village was originally called Crymlyn Bridge. There were two railway lines going through Crumlin, one in the valley and one on the hillside, crossing the Kennard's viaduct, a structure which dominated the skyline and which is still on the school's badge and logo.


Eventually, the school population outgrew the original school, and the present building was opened in 1912 as two separate schools, infant and juniors, under two Head Teachers. Situated close to the High Level railway station the school took the name Crumlin High Level County Primary School, a name we have guarded, resisting attempts in the 1980s for it to be renamed Crumlin County Primary School.


In 1978, the infant and junior schools amalgamated under one Head Teacher and in 1982 a separate nursery school was built in the junior yard. This too was amalgamated with the main school in 1985.

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