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Contact School Admissions Team on

Telephone - 01443 864870

Admission to the school is undertaken in accordance with Caerphilly Borough Council’s admission policy .

Children within our catchment area are given priority.

Applications are made via the C.C.B.C website.

Further guidance and assistance can be sought from the school.

If you would like to arrange to visit school prior to your application, please do contact the school office on 01495 244606 to arrange an appointment.

Starting School - welcome to Nursery

Starting Schools Booklet 2021-22.pdf

Children start Nursery the academic year (September) after their third birthday. We also accept children in January and April following their third birthday (Rising 3s) space permitting.

Mid Year Transfers to Crumlin High Level

We are able to accept children into school throughout the school year as long as we have space within the year group. To apply for a place, please follow the guidelines and links at the top of this page.

Secondary Schools

Newbridge School is the destination for the majority of children leaving Crumlin High Level. A great deal of effort is made to ensure a smooth transition between schools. Children in Year 5 and Year 6 pay visits to Newbridge School, for both curriculum and social development. The close liaison between our schools is imperative and driven by our desire to offer our children the best opportunities. If the child is not going to Newbridge, opportunities are created for them to visit their chosen school. On occasions, additional transition links are set up for pupils with specific needs. We also have procedures in place to ensure the smooth transition from Foundation Phase to Key stage two, through moving up day and transition meetings.