Uniform & Appearance

We believe that the wearing of school uniform contributes to a sense of belonging to the school community and helps to develop a sense of pride in the school.

You can buy uniform with the school logo from Cwtch Designs which is located at The Institute Building in Crumlin Square - https://www.cwtchdesigns.co.uk/ or 01495 243803

Alternatively you may wish to purchase a uniform without the school logo. Most major supermarkets will stock suitable wear.


  • Plain Black skirt or pinafore dress (you may wear a red/white gingham or checked dress in the Summer)

Example skirt Asda

  • Plain Black trousers (no logos or writing) / jogging bottoms are permitted for Foundation Phase children only

Example trouser Matalan

  • Plain black knee length shorts (no logos or writing)

Example shorts Next

  • Red sweatshirt or cardigan with/ without school logo (no hoodies)

Example Sweatshirt Asda Example cardigan Sainsburys

  • Red polo shirt with/ without school logo

Example polo shirt Sainsburys

  • White/ black socks or white/red or black tights

Example tights Next

  • Sensible shoes (or plain black trainers with no branding) that the child is able to take on and off and fasten without adult help

Example shoes Asda

PE Kit​

All children are legally required to undertake physical education and games and, therefore, need clothing for these activities which are different from their daily wear. The correct dress for each activity will go a long way to creating the positive attitude to physical activities which we hope to encourage in our pupils.

  • Black leggings, joggers or shorts (please dress according to the season)

Example leggings

  • Round neck/Crew neck Red T-shirt (this needs to be a plain t-shirt with/ without the school logo - no football tops etc)

Example PE T-shirt

  • Plain daps or trainers

Example Plain Trainers

Children should have their kit in school on PE days and will change for their PE session at the appropriate time (except Dosbarth Pinc who will wear their kit to school and you will be notified of the day).

PLEASE, PLEASE help us by marking ALL your children’s clothes and personal items using a permanent marker (biro washes away). School will hold no responsibility for lost, unnamed clothing.

We also have a few rules regarding the suitability of certain items of “clothing” because they are a potential safety hazard.

No jewellery is to be worn except for a single pair of stud earrings or a wrist watch . In PE jewellery is a particular source of danger and must be removed before children can take part in the lessons.

Uniform Grant

More information for 2021/2022 available shortly - please call school for more information

Get £125 (£200 for pupils in year 7) to buy school uniform, equipment, sports kit and kit for activities outside of school for your child.

Welsh Government have announced some changes to claims for the 2020/2021 academic year.

  • The deadline for applications has been extended to 30 June 2021. Final claims to be submitted by 18 June 2021.

  • The eligibility criteria has been extended to include additional year groups. The grant is now available to Reception, Year 1, Year 3, Year 5, Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

This funding is for pupils currently eligible for free school meals and does not extend to pupils who receive free school meals under the transitional protection arrangements.

Visit the ​Pupil Development Grant (PDG) Access webpage for details.