School Development Plan

Our Vision & Mission

Our school motto isAspire. Challenge. Believe. We strive to achieve.

We believe in developing children who are lifelong learners, enterprising workers and valued citizens of Wales.

We support our children to develop into ambitious, capable learners, enterprising, creative contributors, ethical, informed citizens of Wales and

healthy, confident individuals.

We believe that we are a team.

Staff, children, volunteers, parents, governors and the community collaborate to ensure our learners achieve their potential.

We encourage and welcome diversity.

We acknowledge that we are all individuals, all bringing something different to the table.

Our learners adopt the ‘power of yet’.

Our learners adopt the ‘power of yet’ and know that they mustn’t say ‘I can’t do it’, it’s ‘I can’t do it ...yet.’ We foster their development of independence and collaboration, confidence and reflection, resilience and resourcefulness in order to ensure all are equipped for lifelong learning.

Our children are heard.

Our learners are listened to, both as part of the school council, Junior Forum, Criw Cymraeg and Eco council, and in the wider application of topic planning, areas for learning in and outside of the classroom.

SDP Draft21 - 22.pdf