Additional Learning Needs

New Arrangements for supporting children with Special Education Needs and Disabilities

The new system consists of three tiers

Tier 1 is for all children across the school; this is Universal Provision where children are able to make progress through everyday teaching and learning.

Tier 2 is for those children who have an aspect of their learning, which they find difficult. This is Targeted Provision where some children will have differentiated learning and/or an in class intervention such as Rainbow Reading, phonics, small group mathematics etc. Usually children will be involved in a group for a time and then move back into Universal Provision.

All children will have some additional need at some point in their education from 3 – 18 and a targeted approach helps them to develop their mastery of a particular skill.

Tier 3 is Specialist Provision and is for those children who have needs above the Universal and Targeted provision provided by the school. These children have a learning difficulty, which makes it harder for them to learn in the same way as other learners of their age. The school at this level works with specialist support from a variety of agencies to develop an Individual Development Plan (IDP).

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Official Welsh Government Letter

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Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal Act (ALN ET 2018 )

The approach to supporting children and young people who have difficulties with learning is changing. The Welsh Government has passed new legislation, called the Additional Learning Needs (Wales) Act (the Act), which is supported by the Additional Learning Needs Code (Code). The Act and Code will replace the current legislation and guidance about special educational needs. The Welsh Government is bringing in a more flexible and responsive system of meeting the needs of children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities and are striving to deliver a fully inclusive education system for the learners of Wales.


Parents' Guide: So Your Child Has Been Diagnosed With Autism…

A guide for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) which is aimed to help parents of neurodivergent, school-aged children navigate all of the different educational options available to them and assist in determining the best fit for their child's unique needs.

Are you a parent carer in Wales struggling to cope with your child’s behaviour?

Challenging Behaviour Support (CBS) is a parent-led Community Interest Company providing early intervention and long-term support for parent carers of children with challenging behaviour.

No diagnosis is needed to access support, which is inclusive of all additional needs such as: Autism Spectrum Disorder; Attention Defect Hyperactivity Disorder; Learning difficulties; Anxiety and other mental health conditions.