Health & Wellbeing

Statement detailing how the AoLE supports the 4 purposes:

Health and well-being encompasses the interdependencies of the physical, psychological, emotional, cultural and social dimensions which enable everyone to participate in life as best they can in an ever changing world.

Ambitious, capable learners can recognise how aspects of their environment, mind and physical state impact on their health and well-being and readiness to learn. They develop resilience, confidence and empathy in response to social, emotional and physical experiences and challenges. They seek new experiences and take ownership over their learning.

Enterprising, creative contributors express and explain ideas, thoughts and emotions. They demonstrate an understanding of how emotions may be experienced and externalised. They understand the importance of safety, learning how to recognise and manage risk and are able to seek help and support. They contribute 3 to their communities. They can use creative methods in engaging with and addressing difficult issues relating to emotions and relationships.

Ethical, informed citizens make choices based on knowledge and values. They understand that choices can impact on the health and well-being of themselves and others. They have an understanding of their rights and have respect for the rights of others. They develop tolerance as a respectful member of society. They value and contribute positively to their physical and social environments. They are able to engage with the wider social and ethical issues connected to Health and Well-being.

Healthy, confident individuals understand how factors such as nutrition, substances and physical activity influence their health and well-being and are developing positive dispositions in respect of these to support informed decisions. They recognise that different environments and experiences impact on and influence their emotion. They are able to seek support and to manage these. They learn to develop positive relationships and recognise that their identity is linked to their health and well-being.